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    Some white woman just asked me (awkwardly) for a foundation that was MY skin tone and red or pink lipstick because she was going to an Africa themed party.

    Someone give me the strength to keep my hands to myself.

    YOOOOO did she just ask…

    I work at a makeup counter -_-

    *UPDATE 2*

    Literally pushed out of the store after leaving me with this little gem:

    Manager: Ma’am, you cannot ask a black woman for the supplies for blackface-

    Her: It is a COSTUME! Like, why are you being so damn difficult!? It is a party for AFRICA! I have to be black, OBVIOUSLY!?

    Me: Can’t you be a lion or something? They live in Africa-

    Her: Don’t be stupid.

    Manager: I know your intentions, and we don’t do that here. Please leave.

    Her: I’m really sick of you guys playing the victim here. You’re acting like I asked for a Hitler costume!

    Me: Security, can you please do something?

    Her: *being pushed out* I should have NEVER asked a nigger for help! All you people do is complain about everything and sit on your asses with no jobs, lazy people!

    Me: You are AT MY JOB RIGHT NOW, you crazy bitch!

    In short, I am REALLY over some white people today.

    You handled that so well. Frankly, I would have had my foot in her ass.

    What the actual fuck. Folks are rather brazen these days

    'Can’t you be a lion or something? They live in Africa-'

    you see how crackers show their true colors. i aint eem surprised

    And you know that “nigger” HAD to come out of her at some point.

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  4. Anonymous said: The author of Hunger Games explained Katniss in a difficult way. How did y'all they were supposed to find a Native American actress with olive skin, naturally straight black hair and grey eyes. Please give me a link to one and I'll shut up forever.






    There’s plenty of lists with Native American actresses you can google yourself.

    Gray eyes aren’t a white only trait, nor is Jennifer Lawrence a gray eyed gal. So please do shut up forever.


    I have grey eyes, and from my highly unscientific observations, grey eyes are the third most common eye colour among NDNs, after black and brown. There’s even Grey Eyes as a surename among some NDNs. 

    But I digress. Throw some contact lenses on Q’orianka Kilcher, Keisha Castle-Huges or Jade Willoughby and you still have a better Katniss. 

    I have a cousin, who is “full blood, I mean her father, her mother, her grandparents, all Native. and by the Gods - she has green eyes, with hint of like light brown.

    I have gray eyes. And I’m an Indian from the same area Katniss is from (Southern Appalachia), mixed like Katniss, and from a coal mining family like Katniss. My brother and cousin both have gray eyes too. And my cousin has a higher BQ than me. So.

    The white person cast as Katniss doesn’t have the hair color or skin tone or eye color in the character description and this anon wants to know about NDN eye color.

  5. Tales of White Bitch Manor


    During my junior year at Private White Hell I was desperate for off campus housing and I discovered a quaint off campus home housing 5 white ladies and 3 lads and my mom thought I should live there because when I first met all of them, they just seemed to love black people! They tried to imitate…

  6. bhettiboop said: White people: "black people kill each other all of the time!" White people: -kills their own mom, dad, wife, newborn daughter, and dog for insurance money-


    Oh jesus. I laughed at this, so hard too hard. 


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    I just got a package from my sister and its a crossbow that shoots bolts which is cool but I put it together anD IT FIRES THEM AT ABOUT 800 FPS I COULD HAVE KILLED MY ROOMMATE I ALMOST SHOT IT AT HIM BUT I HIT A METAL CHAIR THAT THE BOLT WENT THROUGH

    I took the metal tip off so its just a plastic bolt 




    Where did your sister acquire this.

    Please don’t play with projectile weapons…

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  9. raptorific:

    I hit words at random on iOS 8’s new predictive text feature so I could see what type of sentence my phone thinks I’m likely to say, and


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